Water management is an integral part of food and beverage processing. To be successful in today’s competitive market, it requires processors to reduce capital expenditures, increase process efficiencies, and keep up with the ever evolving and increasingly stringent regulations. Without reliable and economical water treatment systems, the overall sanitation, productivity and efficiency of your process can suffer. As important as food and beverage wastewater treatment is to your production process, it should not be a distraction from your core business of producing high-quality foods or beverages.

Whatever the process: vegetable wash water, brewery process water, meat and dairy wastewater, etc., Parkson has vast experience and continues to drive innovation in this sector. Parkson can provide equipment, systems and fully operated system solutions to meet your water treatment needs which help you meet process requirements and discharge regulations, increase efficiency and reduce capital and operating costs.

Parkson product offerings include the following industries:

  • brewing, wine and spirits
  • dairy
  • fruit and vegetable
  • poultry
  • meat processing
  • bottling, cans and soft drinks
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