Countstar Rigel S3

Countstar® Rigel S3 Fluorescence Cell Analyzer

Fluorescence Cell Analyzer

The Countstar Rigel S3 cytometer provides a complete cell cycle analysis kit for car-t cell counting, cell viability, and T/NK cell mediated cytotoxicity through the use of BioApps.

  • CAR-T Cell cell mediated Cytotoxicity Studies
  • Phenotypic Charaterization of CAR-T cells
  • Viability and Concentration assay for :
    • Quality control of original blood samples
    • PBMC isolation efficiency tests
    • Cultured status of incubated T-lymphocytes
    • Process Monitoring of modified CAR-T cells
    • Final Product released control.
Fluorescence Cell Analyzer
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Countstar Rigel
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