Sepragen Express Bioreactor

Next Generation in High Performance Cell Culture

Sepragen's patented Express® Bioreactor represents a Paradigm shift in culturing cells. Cells are grown on a bee-hive like spongy matrix which is suspended in a sterile chamber in an atmosphere of air / CO2. This provides a high surface area and high oxygen availability for growing both suspension and anchorage-dependent cells. The cells can be grown in a batch, fed-batch or perfusion mode. The Express® Bioreactor is disposable, comes pre-sterilized and can be easily set up in a standard air / CO2 incubator.

Unlike conventional bioreactors, the Express® Bioreactor requires no rocking or agitation whatsoever. By eliminating shear and the limitation of oxygen availability, 5 - 30 fold higher cell densities and higher product yields are easily achieved.

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Sepragen Express Bioreactor
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