Solaris Pilot Scale CIP and SIP Bioreactors S & I Series

Solaris Biotech Industrial Bioreactors

Industrial Scale Bioreactors & Fermentors

Our pilot scale and industrial scale approach entails careful consideration for each requirement & parameter in order to ease difficulties associated with scaling up. Solaris' expertise enables our bioreactor and fermentor products to be customizable, flexible, and compact.

Solaris Delivers Industrial Fermentors for Large USA Food Processing Facility

Industrial Scale Bioreactors / Fermentors

Solaris's large scale focused team closely collaborates with end users and engineers to ensure all specifications are best suited for each process. Up to 30,000 L vessels and beyond - Solaris offers tailored turn-key industrial scale systems.

Solaris I-series Industrial Scale Bioreactors / Fermentors

Fully customizable fermentor & bioreactor skids

The customizable S-Series offers a blank slate to our end users' engineers and scientists.

Fully customizable fermentor & bioreactor skids

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Bioreactor Model: 
S & I Series
Bioreactor Series Family: 
Solaris Pilot Scale CIP and SIP Bioreactors
Applicable Industries: 
Food and Beverage