Solaris Single Use Benchtop Black Box

Bioreactor Model: 
Black Box
Bioreactor Series Family: 
Solaris Single Use Benchtop
Applicable Industries: 
BlackBox - Single Use Bioreactor

BlackJar vessels

Fully configurable & customizable pre-sterilized single use ridged wall bioreactors from 500 ml - 30 L.


Solaris single use parallel process control platform.

Convert your existing bench-top PCS of any manufacturer to Single Use

BlackJar vessel agitation, thermoregulation, etc. configurations can be adapted to be compatible with most well known manufacturers' control system platforms designed for autoclavable vessels. This allows end users to keep their existing control platform, & switch to a single use vessel process. Single use vessels can be configured to as close as possibly match the glass vessels they are replacing.

Fermentation & cell culture configurations available. Click here to learn more about Blackjar and Blackbox Single Use Bioreactors.