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The COVID-19 Pandemic has been an unmitigated disruption for society at large. However, the world cannot stayed closed forever. As national and state leaders look at reopening businesses, it will be necessary to put protective measures into place to stymie the spread of the virus.

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Will Temperature Detection Become Essential?

The Bay Area has been a leader in the fight against COVID, quick to adopt new practices and technologies that mitigate the disease. Contra Costa County has issued order No. HO-COVID19-06 for businesses to conduct temperature screening at the door, where no one with a temperature of over 100 F / 37.8 C will be allowed to enter a facility. The official orders put the onus for testing on the business itself, meaning that all the safety of the employees and customers is the responsibility of the business.

Fever Detection in the media and government orders

With Contra Costa leading the way, it is likely that the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area, the state of California, and even the whole United States will adopt similar orders as business starts to open up again. Manually testing every person who enters a facility is tedious, time-consuming, and puts your employees at risk.

A Solution With Speed, Convenience, and Accuracy

To help stop the spread and comply with emerging mandates, Flotek is now offering the FeverDetek thermal camera, which provides automatic screening of anyone who walks through the door for elevated temperature/fever (one of the early symptoms of a severe COVID-19 infection). The FeverDetek can be easily and discretely installed and set up to automatically send an alert when it detects someone with elevated body temperature. Body temperatures can quickly, easily, and accurately taken while maintaining social distancing and removing risk of contamination spread from traditional clos-range infrared thermometers.

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The FeverDetek infrared thermal camera is designed to work with any Windows or Android systems, just connect via USB and HDMI. It can stream temperatures in real time and also record images/videos for documentation purposes. The camera itself offers advanced options for setting gradations of sensitivity, adaptations for lighting conditions, and environmental calibration.

FeverDetek by Flotek
Infrared temperature readings.

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Key Features

  • Remote Sensor - no crowd flow interference.
  • Real Time Operation - no individual measurements required.
  • Several systems can operate from a single command center.
  • Adjustable temperature threshold set by operator.
  • Blinking suspect image.
  • Audio alarm warning.
  • Standalone - no need for additional calibrating equipment.

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While the immediate spread of COVID-19 in California has been slowed, the virus will persist for months to come as we open up the economy. Automated bio-tracking devices like this will become the norm as temperature screening mandates emerge. Now is the time to invest in technologies for the “new normal”, ensuring safety and compliance with public health orders such as No. HO-COVID19-06. Be an early adopter of the Flotek FeverDetek thermal camera and help your employees and customers stay safe!

Mounting Options
FeverDetek mounted on tripod (far left) | FeverDetek mounted on computer monitor

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