FeverDetek Camera System

FeverDetek by Flotek

Accurate Infrared Thermal Detection

Flotek's FeverDetek thermal camera can be installed to monitor everyone who enters your facility and automatically sound the alarm/send alerts if someone’s temperature is above the norm.

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The Flotek FeverDetek is an infrared (IR) thermal camera that is easily installed and integrates with Android and Windows systems (via HDMI/USB). The FeverDetek can stream in real time and/or record images/videos for documentation purposes. The camera itself offers advanced options for setting gradations for sensitivity, adaptations for lighting conditions, and environmental calibration through a user friendly app.

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Key Features

  • Remote Sensor - no crowd flow interference.
  • Real Time Operation - no individual measurements required.
  • Several systems can operate from a single command center.
  • Adjustable temperature threshold set by operator.
  • Blinking suspect image.
  • Audio alarm warning.
  • Standalone - no need for additional calibrating equipment.