Vena® Bio Weld

Applicable Industries: 
Vena® Bio Weld


Heat sealable and weldable TPE tubing. It offers an extremely broad field of applications: critical biopharma filling, lab analysis, vaccine transfer, cell culture, media processing, drug delivery and sampling, etc.

  • Heat sealable and weldable.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Non-cytotoxic, non-hemolytic.
  • Flex crack resistance.
  • Smooth inner surface.
  • Double bagged in clean room type ISO 7 according ISO 14644-1.
  • Can be delivered with customized assemblies.
  • Can be delivered gamma irradiated.
  • Accepts sterilization by autoclave, dry air, gamma radiation and EtO.
  • The standard manufacture length is 25 meters. Special orders are attended as well: assemblies, shorter reels, etc.
  • Indelible traceability through laser marking with reference description and lot number.