Hamilton Easyferm Online pH Sensor with mV output Easyferm Plus

Online pH Sensor with mV output
Hamilton Easyferm Plus Sensors

Hamilton EasyFerm Plus Sensors: the best sensors to biological applications

EasyFerm Plus pH sensors are designed for applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and chemical industries.

All Easyferm Plus pH probes use a pre-pressurized reference system utilizing Phermlyte reference electrode, and the HP Coatramic diaphragm. The standard Easyferm Plus utilizes PHI pH glass, which has excellent chemical robustness and provides the best results where sterilization by autoclave or SIP is performed regularly. This is the sensor of choice for most biopharm and biotech applications.

  • Measuring Range: 0- 14 pH
  • Process Temperature: 0 - 140 C
  • Pressure Range: 0 - 6 bar
  • Sterilization Methods: Autoclavable, CIP, SIP
  • pH Glass Options: PHI, HB
  • Electrolyte: Phermlyte
  • Reference System: Everef-F
  • Diaphragm: HP Coatramic
Sensor Model: 
Easyferm Plus
Sensor Series Family: 
Hamilton Easyferm
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