Custom QuantaSep®

Custom QuantaSep® Chromatography Systems
When off the shelf systems do not work!

Sepragen Corporation has been helping customers with their custom chromatography needs for over a decade. No two chromatography processes are alike. Some require low flow rates, some high flow rates; some use alcohol or other flammable solvents and require explosion proof design and certification; others need to run in a cold room; some need stand alone control while others may need to communicate with an in-house SCADA or DCS; and some may require a polymeric or even a disposable flow-path while others may require a robust stainless steel construction. In such cases when of the shelf solutions don’t work, customers often go down the trap of having either their engineers design their own systems in house or having their engineering companies outsource the skid fabrication from third party fabricators. Experience has shown that climbing out of this slippery slope is difficult at best. While the initial objectives of making clinical lots are easily met with a less than state of the art design, it is in the reuse of the systems down the road that the problem occurs. Frequently if the process changes are made that make the skids unusable the “original hardware engineer or “software engineer” or A&E company are gone and there is no competent authority to implement the changes. Often the documentation is not clear and change control is not easy. No one is at hand to do rev control on the software of a specialized machine and keep up with the version changes in the operating system. Often no one is available for support, calibration and trouble- shooting or training. Eventually skids like this are “mothballed” and long term value is sacrificed at the altar of short term convenience or control.

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