Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter DOTEK

Flotek DOTEK for wine - Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter
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Measure dissolved oxygen (DO) quickly and easily in tanks and bottles with Flotek's exclusive DOTEK Handheld Optical Oxygen Meter

This optical DO probe is massively easier to use than traditional polarographic/ electrochemical dissolved oxygen probes. Calibration takes seconds instead of minutes and is stored on the probe, meaning you do not need to calibrate every time you want to use it.

Maintenance is easy... just periodically (depending on use) replace the inexpensive optical cap.

DOTEK features include:

  • Designed for reliable and effortless wine dissolved oxygen measurement with the state-of-the-art Optical DO sensor.
  • Quick response rate! Takes less than 2 minutes to get a stable reading.
  • Easy calibration! Zero ppm calibration kit included to ensure wine DO accuracy.
  • Requires minimal maintenance. The DO probe has 8000 hours of service life.
  • IP67 water proof and dust-proof structure... ideal for use in harsh environments!
  • Comes with a complete test kit, including: the meter, 10-meter optical probe, calibration cap, o ppm calibration kit, and a rugged carrying case.

The DOTEK does not require time to polarize before use, and you can just turn it on and start measuring DO in tank, bottle, or anywhere you want!

It comes with a handheld meter (with stand) for reading and logging dissolved oxygen. The probe and meter are connected by a long waterproof cord that can be fully immersed in wine. The response time of the probe is comparable to a polarographic probe, but is far easier to use and maintain.

Ditch your old polarographic probe and start measuring wine DO with both precision and accuracy.

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For more info and pictures, visit our dedicated website at dotekwine.com

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Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter
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Food and Beverage