Radial Flow Chromatography

Radial Flow Chromatography (RFC) is a novel chromatographic technique that greatly increases throughput by maximizing column surface area with a short bed depth. The mechanism of RFC is similar to Tangential Flow Filtration, in RFC the flow is directed from the outer edge of the column in a radial direction through the resin bed to the column exit. This design allows RFC columns to be relatively short with a small footprint, allowing for high flow rates and low back-pressure. The RFC design pioneered by Sepragen solves the challenges of scaling up a traditional axial flow chromatography process.

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QuantaSep Automated Chromatography Systems

QuantaSep® System work to automate key steps in downstream process development, delivering exceptional consistency and reliability in a compact footprint. The QuantaSep® System seamlessly integrates sensors with a sanitary flow path as well as automating buffer delivery and GMP reports. These Sepragen systems features an intuitive graphical user interface that offers exceptional control, increases productivity, reduces workload, and is scalable from the laboratory to production.

Sepragen Chromatography - QuantaSep® 100 QuantaSep® 100
Pilot / production chromatography system
Sepragen Chromatography - QuantaSep® 1000 QuantaSep® 1000
Flow rates between 10 ml/min up to 1 Liter/min
Sepragen Chromatography - QuantaSep® 1000LX QuantaSep® 1000LX
Two Systems In One: Low Flow Dev and High Flow Scale Up
Sepragen Chromatography - QuantaSep® 1800 QuantaSep® 1800
Flow range of 20 - 18,000 ml/min
QuantaSep® 5000 QuantaSep® 5000
Mobile system with flow range of 50ml - 5L/min
Sepragen Chromatography - QuantaSep® 10000 QuantaSep® 10000
Mobile system with flow range 100ml – 10 liters/min
Custom QuantaSep® Chromatography Systems Custom QuantaSep®
When off the shelf systems do not work!
Sepragen Chromatography - QuantaSep® Single Use QuantaSep® Single Use
Flexible flow rate up to 1000 ml/min
Sepragen Single Use Chromatography - QuantaSep® 3000 SU QuantaSep® 3000 SU
Mobile compact system with flow range of 30-3000 ml/min
Sepragen Chromatography - QUANTASEP® 15000 IBD QUANTASEP® 15000 IBD
Run at up to 15 LPM by using 2X – 10X concentrated buffers

Superflo® Radial Chromatography Columns

Sepragen Radial Chromatography columns deliver superior performance with low pressure and high flow-rates in a small foot print. Sepragen invented and optimized radial flow columns to bypass the limitations of traditional axial flow chromatography. The Sepragen columns are highly scalable, easily and rapidly packed/unpacked, have a low dead volume, maximize surface area, and operate with consistently shorter cycle times due to high flow rates (4-10x) and low back pressure.

Sepragen Chromatography - Process Scale Columns Process Scale Columns
Process Scale 10L - 200L
Sepragen Chromatography - Lab Scale Superflo® Columns Lab Scale Superflo® Columns
Lab Scale 50 mL - 1500 mL
Sepragen Chromatography - Pilot Columns Pilot Columns
Pilot Scale 5L - 10L
WEDGE Radial Column for Scale-Up Chromatography WEDGE Radial Column for Scale-Up Chromatography
WEDGE Radial (Similar to Pilot) 5L - 10L

Sepragen Chromatography Resins

Sepraflo resins are made of hydrophilic copolymer of glycidyl methacrylate and consist of rigid 50uM beads with 300A nominal pores, facilitating rapid mass transfer of macromolecules and high binding capacity. The Sepraflo resins are more cost effective and can withstand higher pressure and flow rate compared to similar competing products. The resins are available in both a strong cation exchange or sulpho propyl chemistry and a strong anion exchange quaternary amino ethyl chemistry, they can be cleaned with a standard 1N NaOH solution.

Chromatography Resins Chromatography Resins
Process scale separation of biological molecules.

Other Sepragen Offerings:

Sepragen Chromatography - QS Column Packing System QS Column Packing System
Packing skif for radial flow columns
Sepragen Chromatography - QS Buffer Dilution System QS Buffer Dilution System
Scale up through in house dilutions
Sepragen Express Bioreactor Sepragen Express Bioreactor
Disposable, pre-sterilized, easy to set up.
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