Process Scale Columns

Sepragen Chromatography - Process Scale Columns
Process Scale 10L - 200L

Process scale Superflo® Radial Columns are designed for large process scale separations and GMP manufacturing.

Columns are available in biocompatible acrylic and solvent compatible stainless steel. Sizes range from 10L to 200L with an effective bed depth of 10cm. Larger columns are available upon request.

High Flow Rates at Low Pressures

Flow rates as high as 15 column volumes per hour can easily be obtained with Superflo Columns using a variety of media. Not only does this allow for faster separations, it often results in higher recovery and purity because the sample is exposed to column packing for shorter periods of time. And, the low bed depth results in low backpressure, making it possible to use soft agarose and cellulose packings at high flow rates without compression.

Superflo Radial Chromatography Columns