QS Column Packing System

Sepragen Chromatography - QS Column Packing System
Packing skif for radial flow columns

QS Packer is the world’s first automated packing system for packing its innovative Superflo, Radial Flow Columns.

The packing skid enables:

  • The easy and reproducible packing of production scale Radial Flow columns to be done automatically.
  • Reduced reliance on “technique” and specific operator skill and ensures a standardized operation across a range of operators.
  • Reproducibility in column performance by using the same criteria for packing while noting any deviations.
  • Column performance can be calculated after column packing and reassessed periodically after storage and before re-use.
  • It enables electronic documentation of packing batch record. Different packing methods for different size Columns or different resins can be stored and recalled on demand.
  • Data can be stored and compared with pre-set pass/ fail criteria for validated use.
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