QuantaSep® 100

Sepragen Chromatography - QuantaSep® 100
Pilot / production chromatography system

The QuantaSep® 100 pilot / production chromatography system for fluid handling and control is composed of three modules, integrated into a single cabinet with dimensions of 30" width x 24" depth x 18" height and weighing 125 lbs.

A computer is separate from the system to provide the option of remote control up to 25 feet away. The system is compatible with 1M NaOH and 19% alcohol for CIP operations and operable at 4° C for cold room processing.

The fluid handling module contains: Dual stepper motor controlled pumps, static mixer, PTFE tubing with sanitary clamp connections, diaphragm shielded solenoid valves, UV, pH, leak, conductivity, temperature and pressure sensors, air sensor, air purge valve, sanitary inlets, outlets and column connections all enclosed in a 316 stainless steel cabinet. Total hold-up volume is approximately 7 mls from any one buffer inlet to any one fraction outlet.

The control and power modules contain: All power supplies, sensor controls and circuit boards, alarm controls, sensor electronics including A/D and D/A converters, the external fraction collector interface, external chart recorder interface, external (user defined detector input) digital display of monitor outputs, status LED’s, an emergency stop switch, cables, computer interface, fuse blocks, etc.

The system is controlled by a personal computer running a recent MicroSoft operating system.

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