QuantaSep® 10000

Sepragen Chromatography - QuantaSep® 10000
Mobile system with flow range 100ml – 10 liters/min

The QuantaSep® 10000 process chromatography system is mobile, compact and capable of providing an operating flow range of 100ml – 10 liters/min. This sanitary system consisting of disposable tubing can process a 3000+ liter cell culture batch in one shift! It is ideal for GMP manufacturing.

The integrated system has two positive displacement pumps, 8 buffer selection valves, inline mixer, filters and 6 fractions collection valves. It has capabilities of buffer switching, gradient formation, feed pre-filtering, air ejection, conductivity and pH sensing pre and post column, forward and reverse flow in powerful easy-to-use software package. The software enable buffer and fraction switching based on process conditions and alarms in the event of overpressure, air or leaks. All events are logged and archived. Precision pumping and mixing enables on-line dilution from buffer concentrates.

The QuantaSep® 10000 hardware is composed of a fluid handling and control modules integrated into a single ergonomically designed counter high cabinet. The mobile unit is mounted on plastic castors with brakes for easy mobility. The computer that houses the control software is separated from the system to provide the option of remote operation. The system is compatible with 1M NaOH and alcohol for CIP operations and is operable at 4oC for cold room processing.

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