Admix High Shear In-tank Batch Mixing BenchMix Benchtop Lab Mixers

BenchMix Benchtop Lab Mixers

Benefits of BenchMix Benchtop Lab Mixers include:

  • BenchMix Model OPLB-400 delivers 3 HP at up to 12,000 RPM and processes 1-20 liters, combining power, speed and versatility in one unit.
  • Available with 2 types of high shear mix heads and several size propellers for a range of testing.
  • Offered with an electric lift stand for easier raising and lowering and mix head placement.
  • Glass bead finish stainless cabinet with 316SS shafting and mix heads.
  • Variable speed from 500 - 12,000 RPM through a brushless DC motor.
Mixer Model: 
BenchMix Benchtop Lab Mixers
Mixer Series Family: 
Admix High Shear In-tank Batch Mixing
Applicable Industries: 
Food and Beverage