Admix Inline Mixing and Milling Admixer Sanitary Static Blender

Admixer Sanitary Static Blender

The Admixer is an all-stainless sanitary static mixer and blender ideal for processing miscible fluids regardless of flow rates, viscosity or density. This mixer is perfect for the instant dilution of juice concentrates, flavors or colorants in prepared foods; tomato paste cutting; or the gentle heating of chocolate syrups. Its low shear characteristics also gently blend fruit into yogurt and evenly distribute jelly within molten peanut butter.

Benefits of the Admixer static mixer

  • 3-A
  • Highly predictable mixing and dispersion.
  • 100% product uniformity and distribution from controlled shear and turbulence.
  • Meets 3-A Sanitary Standard #35-04.
  • Low capital cost and maintenance.
  • Improves safety and sanitation of mixing operation.
  • 50-90% less power consumption than mechanical mixers.
  • Mechanical reliability with no moving parts, no electrical requirements, easy installation.
  • Superior corrosion or abrasion resistance.
  • Excellent process versatility - capable of handling viscosities over 1 million cps.
Mixer Model: 
Admixer Sanitary Static Blender
Mixer Series Family: 
Admix Inline Mixing and Milling
Applicable Industries: 
Food and Beverage