Admix Inline Mixing and Milling DynaShear Inline High Shear Mixer

DynaShear Inline High Shear Mixer

Designed as a high speed, high shear mixer and emulsifier for continuous processing, today the DynaShear sets the standard for inline mechanical mixers with hundreds of installations in place for dairy, beverage, salad dressing and mayonnaise processing, pet food, flavor emulsions, chemical and pharmaceutical/API applications.

Constructed completely of 316 SS (internals, housing, shafting, and base), its unique dual stage axial and radial heads provide optimal throughput and flow. In addition, the shear rates generated ensure droplet and particle size reduction down to 3-5 microns with excellent distribution.

DynaShear Benefits

  • Stainless steel motor and fully machined 316SS housing.
  • High efficiency, high shear continuous mixing.
  • Unique combination of axial and radial stators.
  • Low maintenance - No bushings, shims or wear sleeves.
  • Average droplets of 3-5 microns with 98% distribution under 5 microns.
  • CIP-able and designed for rapid cleaning and inspection disassembly.
  • Complies with 3-A standard #36-01.
  • EHEDG Type EL Class 1 Certified.
Mixer Model: 
DynaShear Inline High Shear Mixer
Mixer Series Family: 
Admix Inline Mixing and Milling
Applicable Industries: 
Food and Beverage