Process Analytics: Online Sensor Solutions

Flotek offers specialized knowhow in probe specification, implementation, and optimization for each specific application, utilizing various online sensor types. We are specialists in optical DO, polarographic DO, pH, digital pH, Conductivity, Viable Cell Density/Capacitance, OD, flow, level, bubble detection, and dynamic-process sensor technologies.

Sensor Applications

Flotek utilizes the best manufacturers to optimize your process analytic needs, including Hamilton and Sonotec.

  • Process Online Dissolved Oxygen.
  • Calibration + Installation Services.
  • Quality Online pH Sensor Solutions - Analog + Digital pH.
  • Online Viable Cell Density Permittivity + Optical Density.
  • Ultrasonic Flow Rate Measurement.
  • Dynamic Real-Time Process Analytics.
  • Automated Parallel Online Bioreactor Sampling.