iPRASENSE Norma 4s

iPRASENSE Norma 4s - Automatic Cell Count and Viability Analyzer

Automatic Cell Count and Viability Analyzer

IPRASENSE reinvents the automated cell counter and viability analyzers. Our unique label-free Imaging Technology provides extremely fast cell count and viability from a few μl sample volume of your cell suspension. The unmatched repeatability directly results from the extremely large field of view of the single analyzed image, together with the sample preparation free method (no dilution, no label like trypan blue).

The NORMA 4S is ready for fast, simple and 100% automatic solutions on your parallel bioreactors.

  • Automatic cell count and viability
  • Maintenance free
  • Match with reference trypan blue method
  • Results in 15 seconds
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