Industrial Solutions

Flotek offers products for all aspects of your business, from benchtop R&D up to integrated industrial solutions and waste water processing. Our solutions are tailored to fit your specific application(s) and scalable across facilities. We will work with your process engineers and facility managers to find the most efficient and cost-effective options to fit your needs.

Industry & Chemical Applications:

  • Hamilton InchTrode pH and Conducell Conductivity probes for harsh environments.
  • Sonotec ultrasonic Sonophone, handheld ultrasonic sensor for detecting gas leaks and mechanical issues.
  • Parkson technology for processing, treating, and separating upstream and downstream products flows from industries like Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, Manufacturing & Steel Processing, Mining, and Pharmaceuticals.

Waste Water Applications:

  • Parkson Screenings and Headworks from the Aqua product lines
  • Parkson Biological Treatment Systems like the Biolac and Equa product lines.
  • Parkson Biosolids management.
  • Parkson Separations and Aeration
  • Hamilton fixed cable Oxysens and VisiWater, perfectly suited to waste water applications and easily integrated with existing systems.