Food and Beverage Solutions

Flotek has a 20+ year history of serving multiple facets of the California Food & Beverage industry. Particularly we serve the California Wine Industry with products that can help improve yield, quality, and wine stability. We also have extensive experience in all aspects of food processing, including work on fruits, vegetables, soups, sauces, dressings, powder induction, and more.
We are excited to be supporting the new field of cellular agriculture and coming wave of next generation foods from companies such as Wild Earth, JUST, Impossible Foods, and Beyond Meat.

Our Wine offerings include:

  • Hamilton Redox/ORP probes for tracking and controlling fermentations
  • Hamilton Conductivity probes for tartrate stabilization and CIP monitoring
  • Hamilton Dissolved Oxygen (DO) probes integrate with bottling lines
  • DOTek handheld optical DO probe -- perfect for cellar and lab work
  • Solaris Stainless Steel Tanks, TFF Skids, and CIP systems
  • Sonotec non-invasive ultrasonic fill switches (for pump automation)
  • SOMA pumps: perfect for low shear sinusoidal pumping of must

Our Food processing offerings include: