Flotek: Your Bioprocess Optimization Partner

Bioprocessing Diagram


Media Prep:
Admix Mixers | White Mountain Process

Mammalian Cell Culture:
iPrasense CytoNote (confluency)

Cell Culture/Fermentation (Harvest)

Solaris Bioreactors (Benchtop, Pilot, Industrial)
CerCell Single Use Bioreactors
Viability / Cell Counters (Iprasense, Countstar)
Hamilton Process Sensors (pH, DO, Incyte)
Auto Sampling Systems (Flownamics)

Venaire Tubing
Verder Bioprocessing Pumps
Sonotec In-line Flow Meters (for low flow)
Flotek PID Controller (for perfusion processes)

Separation and Purification

Solaris Tangential Flow Filtration
Sonotec Ultrasonic Non-invasive Flow Meters
Hamilton Process Sensors (pH, Conductivity)

Fill and Finish

Flotek PID Controller with Sonotec Flow Meter and Verder Pump for dosing and filling.
White Mountain Process custom holding tanks and filling systems.
Sonotec Level Sensor


Solaris CIP/SIP Skids (cleaning, sanitation)
Parkson Water Treatment Systems (biosolids management)
Hamilton Process Sensors (waste water streams)