Flotek: Your Bioprocess Optimization Partner

Modern bioprocesses are often complex and requiring many steps, including: upstream preparation, fermentation, and downstream processing. Flotek has built a portfolio of products to aid in all aspects of your bioprocess from start to finish. We focus heavily on mixing/homogenization, process analytic technologies (PAT), bioreactors, and filtration/separation.

Bioprocessing Diagram | Upstream preperation, fermentation, and downstream processing.


Media Prep

Admix Mixers and Powder Induction Systems

Admix Mixers and Powder Induction Systems
Streamline the media preparation process, guaranteeing consistency, speed, and safety.

White Mountain Process

White Mountain Process
Custom engineered cGMP compliant tank and mixing solutions.

Mammalian Cell Culture

iPransense Cytonote live cell imager

iPrasense CytoNote
Live cell imager that resides in the incubator and works with all standard shake flasks to track confluency of adherent cell lines.

Cell Culture / Fermentation (Harvest)

Solaris Benchtop ie lab scale Bioreactors

Solaris Benchtop Bioreactors
Dynamic and technologically advanced reactors with an intuitive interface, automation controls, and password protected remote access. Solaris supplies a range of configurable scalable systems for benchtop, pilot, and industrial applications.

CerCell Single Use Bioreactors

CerCell Single Use Bioreactors
Highly customizable single use stirred reactor vessels, shipped irradiated and ready to use.

Iprasense Norma cell viability counter

Iprasense Norma
Dye-free cell and viability counters with no dilution necessary. These visual cytometers acquire images lightning fast and require extremely small sample volumes (3-13 uL).

Countstar cell counters

Countstar Cell Counters
Visual cytometers for slide-based counting of yeast and algae. Also has models with up to 13 combinations of excitation/emission fluorescent wavelengths for AO/PI, Apoptosis, GFP Transfection, and more.

Hamilton Process Sensors

Hamilton Process Sensors
Industry standard pH and dissolved oxygen sensors provide robust and accurate measurements to ensure consistent in-line process control. The Incyte capacitance/permittivity probe offers a novel metric for tracking viability and cell physiology in real-time >>.

Flownamics Auto Sampling system

Flownamics Auto Sampling Systems
Dependable contamination-free automated sampling systems that work with up to 8 reactions at a distance of up to 25 ft. Autosamplers can be integrated with bioanalyzers, fraction collectors, HPLCs, and more. Easy to use software and remote access make these systems ideal for labs with limited staff.

Venaire tubing

Venaire Tubing
A range of high quality platinum cured silicon braided tubing optimized for bioprocesses with excellent durability and chemical compatibility.

Verder bioprocessing pumps

Verder Bioprocessing Pumps
Extremely dependable and accurate pumps with a 4000:1 turndown ratio. Speed range 0.1-400 rpm, Minimum Flow 0.25 mL/min, Max Flow 6600 mL/min. Touch screen interface with range of compatible communication protocols (4-20mA, RS485, DCS, etc…). GMP ready with reports and passwords, small footprint, and stackable.

Sonotec In-Line Flow Meters

Sonotec In-line Flow Meters
Autoclavable accurate and precise flow meters capable of measuring flow rates as low as 0.4 mL/min. Delivers real time flow measurement but can also be used for volume dosing/totalizer. Can work as a flow switch with external devices via 4-20mA, 0-20 kHz, and RS485 modbus.

Flotek PID Controller

Flotek PID Controller
The Flotek Controller is an extremely versatile communication node that allows for Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) control of the in/out rate allows for automated balance feed in a perfusion process.

Separation and Purification

Solaris Tangential Flow Filtration

Solaris Tangential Flow Filtration
Solaris TFF products offer the same great easy to use interface, remote access, and process control as the bioreactors. Their TFF systems are designed to be modular and will work with a wide range of filter/cassette types and brands.

Sonotec Ultrasonic Non-invasive Flow Meters

Sonotec Ultrasonic Non-invasive Flow Meters
These ultrasonic non-invasive clamp-on sensors deliver unparalleled accuracy and precision for measuring flow rates. They iare compatible with different tubing types, sizes, and manufacturers. No additional equipment require as all electronic signal processes happens in the body of the probe – perfect for helping to automate your downstream processing.

Hamilton Process Sensors Visiferm

Hamilton Process Sensors (pH, Conductivity)
Utilizing pH and conductivity probes in downstream processing steps ensures that product will not go to waste and helps to verify cleaning procedures.

Fill and Finish

Flotek PID Controller

Flotek PID Controller
Combine with Sonotec Flow Meters and Verder Pumps for dosing and filling.

White Mountain Process

White Mountain Process
Custom holding tanks and filling systems.


Solaris CIP/SIP Skids

Solaris CIP/SIP Skids
Customized clean in place/steam in place engineered especially to your specifications.

Parkson Water Treatment

Parkson Water Treatment Systems
Industry standard for biosolids management and waste water processing.

Hamilton waste water

Hamilton Process Sensors for Waste Water
Hamilton produces specialized pH, DO, and conductivity probes optimized for the harsh conditions to help ensure that waste water is being treated properly

With 15+ years experience, Flotek is your Bioprocess Optimization Partner! As a company, Flotek aims to provide our customers with synergistic solutions that will streamline your operations while increasing productivity and profits.

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