Flotek Controller: Portable Closed Loop PID Controller for Life Sciences

The new Flotek Controller is a self-contained, PID closed loop controller manufactured to control several pumps, load cells and sensors with a single portable, compact unit. Designed to be cost-effective and with a user-friendly interface, the Flotek Controller provides the ability to control, monitor and data log a wide variety of applications.

The Flotek Controller communicates via WIFI, USB, HDMI, analog (4-20mA), digital (modbus) and ethernet (RJ45) and integrates seamlessly with the Sonotec ultrasound, non-invasive flow meters for unrivaled precision and accuracy.

Flotek / Sonotec PID Controller
Flotek Controller with Sonotec non-invasive flow meters.

Common liquid handling challenges the Flotek Closed Loop Controller addresses:

  • Inaccurate pumps (turn-down ratio, variation of suction conditions and discharge pressure)
  • Variable tubing (tubing size, tubing materials, wear and tear on tubing)
  • Issues with accuracy and precision
  • Repeatability
  • Variation in Liquid Viscosity and Specific Gravity
  • Bubbles
  • Process/liquid temperature
The Flotek Closed Loop Controller with integrated Sonotec flow meters can dynamically address all of these issues in real-time by accurately measuring process fluids and modulating pump speed.

Applications for Flotek Closed Loop Controller with Sonotec Flow Meters:

  • Create a PID closed control loop
  • Pump feedback and control
  • pH control – acid/base additions
  • Bolus feed/Dosing – carbon (glucose) feeding
  • Balance feed rate – in/out
  • Filling/Dispensing – for vials and bottling lines
  • Perfusion (Continuous Culture Applications) – replacing scales and load cells
  • Integrated turnkey controller system (pump, tubing, flow sensor, load cell, etc…)
  • Video of Flotek Controller Loop:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNb-3-BPmDo

Flotek PID Closed Loop Controller Specifications:

  • Unit Dimensions: Width/Length: 7.75” x 5.75” or 20cm x 15cm Height: 5.75” or 15cm
  • Weight: 5.9 lbs or 2.7 kg
  • Materials: Stainless Steel Body/Engineered Plastic
  • Linux Based Operating System
  • Highly Adaptable Interface: WiFi accessible (On/Off, Password Protected), 2x USB (2.0), HDMI (for monitors), Analog (4-20mA), Digital (Modbus), and Ethernet (RJ45).
  • Scalable: Base model comes with 4 connections and is expandable in cassettes of 4 (up to 50)
  • User Interface/Operational Options: 7” on-board touchscreen display, direct monitor connection (via HDMI), USB for mouse and keyboard connection, or wireless connection to external touchscreen or tablet.
  • Internet Remote Access (Password Protected)
  • Voltage 220/120V and Fuse Protected
The Flotek PID Closed Loop Controller can connect to any pump with Sonotec sensors.

See the Flotek Closed Loop Controller in action!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of inputs/outputs is the Flotek Closed Loop Controller compatible with?

The Flotek Controller is compatible with: WiFi, USB (2.0), HDMI, Analog (4-20mA), Digital (Modbus), and Ethernet (RJ45).

How many inputs/outputs can one Flotek Closed Loop Controller handle?

The Flotek Closed Loop Controller is modular and can take anywhere from 4-50 inputs/outputs in cassettes of 4.

What are my options for viewing/interfacing with the Flotek Closed Loop Controller?

The user interface options for the Flotek Closed Loop Controller are also modular depending on your application. The Controller can be equipped with an on-board 7” touch screen, or be connected directly to a monitor, or wirelessly linked to a touchscreen, tablet, or mobile device.

What can I accomplish with the Flotek Controller and Sonotec flow sensors?

Extremely accurate measurement of the flow rate by Sonotec sensors allows PID controller to modulate the pump output to deliver your process fluids with precision and accuracy.

How accurate are Sonotec flow sensors?

When properly calibrated to tubing and process liquid, they are >99% accurate.

What flow rates can Sonotec sensors handle?

The Sonotec non-invasive clamp on flow meters work best between 10-2000 mL/min. Lower flow rates can be handled by the Sonotec in-line sensors, which is also easily integrated with the Flotek's PID controller.

What sizes/range of sizes of tubing does Sonotec work with?

Outer diameter of tubing: 4 mm to 35 mm.

What kinds of tubing materials are Sonotec Flow Sensors compatible with?

PVC, silicone, PFA, PTFE, FEP, TPE, Tygon, PE, etc…

What can I control with the Flotek Closed Loop Controller?

Anything with a signal! Any type of pump, any type of sensors, load cells, etc.

Flotek Closed Loop Controller with Sonotec Sensors

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