Auto Sampling Systems by Flownamics

Seg-Flow® Automated On-line Sampling System - Multiple bioprocess monitoring + control solutions for improving process performance

The Seg-Flow system’s patented Segmented On-line Sampling™ technology allows rapid and accurate sampling.
  • Up to 8 vessels or process streams and sample delivery to 4 analyzers and/or fraction collectors.
  • Several feed control options / can control 2 pumps per vessel.
  • Existing off-line and at-line analytics are seamlessly integrated into a multi-functional on-line PAT tool through the Seg-Flow system’s communication interface and FlowWeb™ control software.
  • FlowWeb software simultaneously acquires all integrated instrument data and can export the data to any OPC-enabled SCADA.

FISP Sampling Probes - Withdraw sterile, cell-free samples from fermentors and bioreactors.

  • Direct on-line sample transfer to a variety of analyzers, such as biochemistry and HPLC systems, as well as collection for off-line analysis.
  • FISP® is a small, tube-shaped, sterilizable 316 stainless steel carrier which is surrounded by a tubular, micro-porous membrane.
  • Available for 12, 19 and 25 mm ports for use in laboratory, pilot or industrial scale vessels.
  • Widely utilized in the fermentation and cell culture fields since introduced in 1996.

FlowFraction - Online Fraction Collection for Offline Analysis

  • Up to 8 vessels for further off-line analysis.
  • Customizable to accommodate a variety of tube sizes and types, temperature control, and septum piercing.
  • Reagent addition and sample dilution may be performed prior to vial deposit with the optional Seg-Flow Sample Module.
  • Internal flow paths are self cleaning after every sample cycle, ensuring no sample carryover or contamination.
  • FlowWeb™ software controls and monitors all sample collection functions.