Admix Low Shear In-tank Agitators RotoMixx Portable Mixer

RotoMixx Portable Mixer

The Rotomixx is an all-stainless steel portable low-shear batch mixer, or tote agitator, designed for the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.

Rotomixx is the answer to a common dilemma: What do we do with mixers that are rusting or have paint chipping off the gearbox and motor? For applications where sanitary conditions must be met, Rotomixx portable mixers are the solution.

The Rotomixx was one of the first all-stainless portable mixers, and it continues to be a leader in the industry. It is available as a portable clamp mount, a fixed mount (for flange, nozzle or baseplate installations), and as a sanitary ferrule mount for easy-off installations.

Mixer Model: 
RotoMixx Portable Mixer
Mixer Series Family: 
Admix Low Shear In-tank Agitators
Applicable Industries: 
Food and Beverage