Sonotec SONOFLOW CO.55/100 Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Flow Rate Sensor; Tube OD 11.1 mm - 12.0 mm Stainless

Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Flow Rate Sensor; Tube OD 11.1 mm - 12.0 mm
Sensor Model: 
Sensor Series Family: 
Sonotec SONOFLOW CO.55/100
Applicable Industries: 
Food and Beverage

Stainless steel sensor housings are available for GMP environments where it is required or preferred.

The 100 series sensor is designed for tube size:

Outer Diameter (OD): ~11.1 - 12.0 mm (7/16").
Suggested Inner Diameter (ID): 6.4 - 9.0 mm

Tube #: LS18 & LS24

Measuring method: Ultrasound, two sections of measurements, dry coupling, no couplant required

Calibration: Sensors can be pre-calibrated by A&P Calibrations with NIST traceable certifiability. Calibration can be accomplished by the end user as well.

Current output for flow rate: 4 - 20 mA
Frequency output for flow rate: 0 - 20 kHz, 5 V digital
RS485 interface: bus-capable
Switching output: configurable as PNP / NPN / Push-Pull, 0 … 30 V

Mounting: Fixed installation: 4 fixing holes M4, 8 mm deep

Media: Acoustically transparent liquids

Sensor materials: Measuring channel: PMMA black

Housing: Stainless steel

Operating voltage: 12 ... 30 VDC, maximum ripple 10 %, protection against reverse-polarity

Current consumption: Maximum 30 mA (with open current, frequency and switching output)

Electrical connection: 8-pin M12 Connector, DIN EN 61076-2-101:2012

Shielding: Required: via cable / housing (mounting screws)

Sonoflow 100 flow rate meters are available in ALUMINUM, STAINLESS, or STAINLESS with integrated DISPLAY.